Three to four times a year the Videofestival invites amateur film-makers and videofreaks to the VIDEOSLAM - an audiovisual version of a poetry-slam.

The rules are easy: show your video and expose it to the audiences judgement. Whether it's Trash, Tragedy or Thriller - the winner of the evening will take part in the GrandVideoSlam - the main competition at the Videofestival in June.

The third Slam in the forerun of the 20th Videofestival will be on 18.02.2010!!!! Starting at 20:00h in the Ebstein, Herner Straße 11, Bochum.

The Slam-Dates at a glance
Slam #01 - 17.12.2009
Slam #02 - 21.01.2010
Slam #03 - 18.02.2010
Slam #04 - t.b.a.