This year will be the 10th time the International Videofestival Bochum includes the Contest for Audiovisual Performances, which is formerly known as the VJ Contest. It started as an experimental part of the program, but since then it has become an established and loved element of the International Videofestival Bochum, that represents innovations of today's video performance culture.

The Contest for Audiovisual Performances has created a special reputation for itself in the VJ and AV Performers community with its unconventional competition and was the first of its kind when it was launched in 2002 as part of the International Videofestival Bochum.

The 30 minute set will be played live in front of a sitting audience that will have the opportunity to really take in what is presented.


Contestants 2011

AV-Performance - BLOCK 1 // Th 26.05. // 16:00

// Tour de Vinyl
Patrick Praschma
Chris Wawrzyniak
Pierre Cournoyer

// Maia
Mariela Rossi

AV-Performance - BLOCK 2 // Fr 27.05. // 17:30

// Changing Sceneries
Erik Schneider (BewegBildBau)
Dominik Lamby (E.Ton)

// Alo
Alo Allik

AV-Performance - BLOCK 3 // Sa 28.05. // 16:30

// Tröckner
Caroline Bergmann
Daniela Imhoff
Sungeun Kim

// incite/
André Aspelmeier
Kera (Kerstin) Nagel


Previous Contestants and Winners:

Tencu, cake collectiv, Sophie, Vladzen, Noriko/Diane
winner: Noriko/Diane (UK)

Sati (F), BewegtBildBau (D), Zanne (NL),
Sune Petersen (DK), Rafaël (ESP/BE), EQ-AV (GB)
winner: Rafaël
Lobende Erwähnung: Zanne

ionky glu (pl), pussy krew (irl), incite (de),
mfo (de), raumzeitpiraten (de)
winner: mfo

Quayola (uk), Motorsaw (Dk), Eyefatigue (de),
zoozoozoo (de), Video Jack (p)
winner: zoozoozoo / Eyefatigue

Stabil (fr), 8GG (china), Carpets Curtains (cz),
AlexEtJeremy (nl), d-rush (fr)
winner: d-rush

HFR-LAB (gb), Pointless Creations (gb), Kokomono (de),
MXZEHN (de), Impulskontrolle (de), XNOgrafikz (mx)
winner: Pointless Creations + MXZEHN

Visual Kitchen (be), Nebeneinander (de/ua), Giraffentoast (de), Rafaël & subt-le (be/jp), D-Fuse (gb), Transforma (de)
winner: Giraffentoast

lichtfront (de), vitascope (gb), Mylicon/EN (it),
Visiosonor (fr), Exceeda (gb), Monitor Automatique (de)
winner: Mylicon/EN

Pfadfinderei (de), (de), (de), (de), Videogeist (de)